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Kafka said, "All knowledge, the totality of all questions and answers, is contained in the dog."
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All Breed Dictionary of Unusual Names, by Gloria Jarrett: Ever notice how important-sounding a name can make a dog? Here's a book that will help you create an uncommon formal name for Fido -- the one that goes on his/her registration papers.
An Eye for a Dog: Illustrated Guide to Judging Purebred Dogs by Robert W. Cole
Camping & RVing with Dogs (Paperback) by Jack Meltzer, Julee Meltzer. Based on first-hand experience and extensive research, "Camping and RVing with Dogs" is the first published book that focuses on the practical aspects and day-to-day issues that affect campers and RVers who travel with their pets. This book fills a significant information gap within the RVing and camping market with practical advice and vital information on a wide array of crucial issues. Key topics covered include: preparing RVs for dogs, coping with roadside emergencies, finding pet-friendly campgrounds, locating a lost dog, dealing with extreme environments, and performing pet emergency first-aid. In addition, "Camping and RVing with Dogs" includes the first comprehensive directory of pet-friendly campgrounds across the U.S.. With thousands of listings, this invaluable directory helps campers eliminate the guesswork and frustration of camping with dogs. The result is a must-have travel companion that campers and RVers with pets will refer to again and again.
"Canine Rproduction and Whelping A Dog Breeder's Guide" by Myra Savant-Harris RN.
Clicker Training, by Lana Mitchel, A Thinking Game For Dogs
Diary of a 'Dotty Dog' Doctor, by John Fisher All over the world John Fisher changed the way we think about our dogs with his remarkable insights into dog behavior and his ability to entertain while sharing his knowledge. This book is a collection of case histories from his behavior consultation practice over the years. Most are humerous, making this an absolutely fascinating book for any dog lover.
The Power of Positive Dog Training, by Pat Miller, 423-326-0444
The Norfolk Terrier, by Joan Read, Editor Nat R. LaMar; First Edition 1989; Second Edition 1994
The Dog Listener: A Noted Expert Tells You How to Communicate with Your Dog for Willing Cooperation", by Jan Fennell.
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