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Kafka said, "All knowledge, the totality of all questions and answers, is contained in the dog."
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How To Love Your Dog, a Kid's Guide to Dog Care. Share it with any child you know who has or wants a dog
K-9 Structure And Terminology by Edward Gilbert & Thelma Brown
My Puppy is Born, by Beverly Collins,Margaret Miller
New Knowledge Of Dog Behavior, by Clarence Pfaffengberger Back in print, the 1963 landmark work that established the science of puppy temperament testing and the critical period of socialization and development. Great stuff for dog breeders and dog trainers (that includes you and me).
Norfolk Terrier, by Anna Katherine Nicholas
Norwich Terriers U.S.A. 1936-1966, edited by Constance Stuart Larrabee and Joan Redmond Read for The Norwich Terrier Club, U.S.A.
Puppy Love: Raising Your Dog The Clicker Way, by Karen Pryor
The Norwich Terrier by Marjorie Bunting
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