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CHEYLETIELLA: From Provet Health Care
New Vaccination Protocol Approved Texas Department of Health NEWS RELEASE February 27, 2003 Rabies Vaccination Frequency Changed The Texas Board of Health today approved rules that will permit dogs and cats to be vaccinated against rabies every three years instead of annually. The new rabies vaccination rules will be effective on March 19th. Under the new requirements, dogs and cats should be vaccinated at 4 months of age, receive a booster vaccination 12 months later and every three years thereafter. Pet owners and their veterinarians may choose more frequent vaccinations. TDH officials stressed that the change from annual to triennial does not lessen the importance of having pets vaccinated against rabies. (Contacts: Joe Garret, DVM, TDH Zoonosis Control Division, 512/458-7255; or Doug McBride, TDH Press Officer, at 512/458-7524.) A copy of the new rules will be provided as soon as it is available. Jan Buck, Public Health Technician Zoonosis Control Program Texas Department of Health, Public Health Region 2 & 3 1301 South Bowen Road, Suite 200 Arlington, Texas 76013-2262 (817) 264-4920, FAX (817) 264-4925
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