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Fevers In Pets: All types of warm-blooded animals occasionally develop a fever. A fever is defined as an elevated temperature of the interior of the body and may develop for several reasons:
"Signs of Canine Illness...How to tell if your dog is sick"...things to watch for, from Dog Owner's Guide.
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Just Pet Recipes How about some "Lick Your Chop Pork Chops", or "Baby Food Soft Doggie Cookies"?
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Unexplained Norwich Infant Mortality: Member Suzanne Orban-Stagle Readmond is sponsoring research in this area and is requesting information from breeders who have shared this heartbreak: May 23, 2002 one of our bitches free whelped five puppies, three girls and two boys. Needless to say we were thrilled!! However, Norwich problems took over and yesterday we lost the last girl. I have heard this story so many times from so many breeders..and each time it hurts so much to even hear it..I am determined to at least TRY to find out WHY we are losing these babies..and so through my vet we sent them to U of Pa and told the pathologists up there to go to every level of test to see if we could find SOMEthing. I just had a call from my vet who had heard from the labs..with the first report..the gross tissue exam..and they found not much on the first girl but both Fand and Fiona had a very thick right heart muscle..which is not typical of newborns..they felt it was not out of the question that it could be lung but they really didnt think so..All of this is early on..but we are making a start..the vets in Pa have asked me to ask breeders some questions: 1) When you have puppy mortality is it more male or female? Do you have numbers? 2) What are the ages of the puppies you have lost? 3) What are the first signs that the puppies are in trouble? Have all of the puppies you have lost shown the same signs? 4) Are the puppies nursing and gaining weight or "fading"? 5) Have you done posts and what are the results? I have been told this is merely a first step, but the staff up there is intrigued and willing to work with me/us . I will take this as far as science can. If we all work togetehr we may stop this loss of new life Please email me prviately at: with any info you care to share. I will compile all of this and get it to the proper hands. Thanks Suzanne (Webmaster Note: Suzanne, what a good friend to the breed you are to pursue this!)
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