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Fun With Your Norfolk Terrier
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Hide and Go Seek: When you are out of sight of your dog, call her to you. You can either use your normal "recall" command or just her name. Be very excited when she arrives. Start making it more difficult by "hiding" behind doors, couches, etc. If she doesn't find you at first, call her again. If your dog is very good at "stay" you can use this to keep her in place while you hide. Some dogs will use their noses for this task, others will just look. Most of them will learn a faster recall. This is a great game for kids to play with dogs, as long as the kids don't encourage the dog to chase them
Flying Disc Games: This site is a great link for a game dogs LOVE to play!
Bone Hunt (like Easter egg hunt, but Milk bones that are decorated so no one can add in their own) Areas must be clearly defined and supervised.
Treasure Hunt in and handler combined to promote team work. Teams (dog from one hat, handler from 2nd hat) drawn from a hat.
What To Wear: A pile of "extra" clothes to be put on over their own clothes (obviously sizes must be larger) never letting go of leash. Owners choose from the pile what to wear. Outfits become a real joke and pictures are taken of "What not to wear" and posted. Owners are told to wear the minimum of clothes but must have all limbs covered to participate. IE jeans, socks, sneakers and long sleeved T shirt to participate then they have to put on a sweater (buttons are undone if present prior to donning) skirt or pants, and shoes if you want to go that far.
EGG RACE Contestants with their dogs race with hard boiled egg balanced on spoon with dog's leash in same hand.
MUSICAL CHAIRS: With dogs on leash and dog must be in the lap (or at least all fours off the ground) - last dog off the ground is eliminated.
BOWLING Make a bowling alley (narrow lane) with 2Liter coke bottles with sand in the bottom, lined up as pins. Dogs are released on the far end of the alley and the contestant calls their dog to run through the pins and knock them over. (90% JUMP over the is a riot to watch. If a dog knocks down 3 pins it is a lot!
WATER RACE: A great FUN thing is to change dogs with the kids and have them do a race with a glass of water in the same hand as the leash. Of course, they would need time to get the dogs dry if being shown in Jnr or other classes. The owner of the dog has to race in the opposite direction. The contestant with the most water left in the glass is the winner.
SOCK RACE: Place infant socks on dogs and let them race to the owner - the dog with the most socks on when it reaches the owner wins the race.
BLIND MAN'S BLUFF: Do you know your dog? Blindfold the owners and have them go over a dog and see if they can recognize their own dog
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